Philosophy of Svarog

Our values
“Svarog is not about the company,
Svarog is about people ”

Our team is a union of people: professionals, enthusiasts, romantics and pragmatists. We are very different on the surface, but completely identical inside, we have the same goals, the same principles and the same path.

Svarog is not about architecture, location and cheap marketing moves.
It’s about the daily struggle with oneself, it’s about insomnia and doubt, it’s about breaking patterns, it’s about not doing better but doing something different, it’s about challenges within oneself, it’s about getting better every day, it’s an eternal pursuit of perfection.

We are people – your people. Svarog is about us and you.
For ages and longer …

Yours, Rustam Logay and Alexander Nemersky.

We are people - your people. This is about us and you. For ages and longer ...
About the developer
  • Vision
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  • Strategy
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Svarog Development is a team of like-minded people who are engaged in real estate development beyond the average queries. We create a special space for the life of individuals. Each of our buildings is filled with aristocratic content and demanding life position.

The name of the company refers to the name of the Slavic god Svarog – the lord of everything around, who forged the world and gave people fire. The world is like a safe home, and the fire is like a symbol of home comfort.

And SVAROG is:
S – security, V – value, A – absolute, R – rapidity, O – originality, G – gain.

We believe that safety creates value, and unconditionality and speed in work help us to be original and enrich the experience.

SVAROG Development real estate – are elite-class apartments for connoisseurs with refined taste. Our residential complexes are becoming new architectural monuments – city residences that captivate the eye and make everyone who passes by turn around.

Our goal is to create such comfort for you by planning new projects down to the smallest detail: from the idea to the last nail, to build the home of your dreams!

Start the morning with a walk in the beautiful garden, at lunch visit the gym without leaving the house, and in the evening watch the reflection of the sunset in the water surface with a glass of your favorite wine.

No compromises – live in an elite house in the heart of the best city!

We are already creating housing that meets all your needs: health, peace and self-realization – the guidelines that guide us in our work. At the heart of our work we always put the philosophy of those who seek to take the most out of life.

Our mission is to promote the ideas of a new urban environment, a space in which you want to live and work.

Svarog Development sets new trends and sets standards for the construction industry. The company’s strategy is to find and implement new market segments, as well as to develop and adapt innovative development projects.

For partners who consider commercial real estate as a successful investment, we offer placement of your business under different types of services: premises for health and sports, recreation and communication, medicine and restaurants.

Business real estate in our complexes is focused on the field of beauty and health, restaurant, recreation and administrative services, which creates favorable conditions for the development of your business.